hr4you-software für personalberater

Software for HR Consultancy

eSearcher und eStaffer

  • Customer and prospect management
  • Project and mandate management
  • Create and manage job advertisements with ease
  • Comprehensive matching options
  • History entries and calendar function
  • Comprehensive reporting options
  • Profile creation
  • HR4YOU-eSearcher Dashboard
    HR4YOU-eSearcher Dashboard


    •  Digital – complete digitalisation of your business processes Unlimited – no limit on the number of customers, positions and applicants
    •  Responsive – from the job posting to the backend, all persons involved can use it from any device
    •  Scalable – The system grows with your tasks – both for you as a renowned company as well as for start-ups.
    •  Competent – We do not let you down but support you in configuring the system and optimising your processes.
    •  Safe – Stay on the safe side also with the new EU GDPR and rely on an ISO 27001 certified partner with development and hosting made in Germany.



    • More than 10,000 recruiters trust us
    • 24/7 online support system
    • Certified Information Security Management System (ISMS) according to ISO 27001
    • Approx. 100,000 positions filled per year via HR4YOU systems
    • Comprehensive training and webinar offering
    • EU GDPR compliance
    • Software in responsive design and as app for mobile use available



    from 199,00 Euro/month

    • 1 user (expandable to 5 users)
    • Standardized system – immediately available
    • Ideal for start-ups
    • Time-saving online training



    from 499,00 Euro/month

    • Individually scalable personnel consultant software
    • Solution for all company sizes
    • Personal kick-off meeting and system training
    • Further modules can be added


    Everything at a glance: The key data on companies as well as web services with further information are clearly presented. Manage your contacts and control the entire communication directly via the software. Assign target groups, industries, company and sales classes in order to structure your internal responsibilities and campaigns.

    • Management of all relevant company and contact data
    • Filter target company lists by parameters such as industry, postcode and customer group
    • Prioritisation of contacts
    • Communication via email, letter and text messages through the system
    • Integration of the telephone system for inbound and outbound calls possible
    • Documentation of all activities with customers and prospects in the customer record (history)
    • Simple task control via resubmission
    • Set favourites for quick access (also possible for applicants, projects and job offers)
    • Manage target companies and identities
    Editing of the contact person
    Editing of the contact person
    Listing of company data
    Listing of company data
    Overview of assigned applicants in a project
    Overview of assigned applicants in a project
    Editing of project data


    The project management allows access to all positions and mandates. Various filter options are available via the project list. All relevant content and actions can be stored and tracked in the respective project.

    • Overview of all positions managed with filter and favourites function
    • Generation of lists of mandates for direct overview of all contact steps taken
    • Classification options according to customer, project phases and responsibilities
    • Clear administration of all assigned candidates from identification to placement
    • Integrated skill matching and active sourcing
    • Direct sending of precisely matching candidate profiles
    • Dossier tracking for sent candidate profiles


    Job advertisements receive your corporate design and are created responsively. All offers are managed clearly and archived after expiration. In advertisements, functions for direct online application and recommendation in social networks can be integrated. You can achieve a broad diversification by forwarding to job exchanges, meta search engines, social media services and employment agencies. Interfaces to all relevant portals can be integrated; also fee-based portals can be populated directly via the software.

    • Generate job advertisements via the software and publish them at the push of a button
    • Integration of corporate design and mobile optimisation
    • Easy integration into your own website via XML data stream or IFrame
    • Increased reach in around 100 free job exchanges via integrated multi-channelling
      (add-on module)
    • Forwarding to social networks and recommendation portals
    • Connection of interfaces to fee-based job exchanges with cost control
    View and editing of job advertisement
    View and editing of job advertisement
    Listing of applicant data
    Listing of applicant data
    Application form


    In order to receive a response from good applicants, it is important that the job advertisement has a wide reach and the application process is as clear and positive as possible (candidate experience). The software allows a wide variety of application channels to be processed quickly and transparently. Online application forms can be designed flexibly and configured specifically for mobile applications. Email or postal applications can be transferred to the system at the push of a button and read out in a structured manner with the support of a CV parser.

    • Flexible online application form
    • Integration of a CV parser (add-on module) in the online form and for processing email and postal applications
    • Support of mobile applications
    • One-click applications can be integrated
    • Fast processing of email and postal applications via a split screen
    • Connection of the HR4YOU applicant app with chat function (add-on module)
    • Multi-stage declarations of consent pursuant to EU GDPR


    Find the right candidates for open positions at the push of a button. Searching is possible both via a structured skill matching with ranking function and an integrated full text search in all applicant documents. Do not only search in your candidate pool, but also use integrated active sourcing functionalities to search external networks for top candidates.

    Active sourcing

    • Transfer of search parameters to portals such as Xing and LinkedIn
    • Links to web services for further background information on candidates
    • Easy transfer of identified candidates to the database

    Searching within the candidate database

    • Comparison of candidate knowledge and job requirements
    • Skill matching with ranking function
    • Full text search in text documents and image files (e.g. doc, pdf or jpg)
    • Complex database queries can be combined with AND/OR/NOT operations
    • Reverse matching functionality for your top candidates
    Evaluation of the applicant's knowledge in relation to project requirements
    Evaluation of the applicant's knowledge in relation to project requirements
    Overview of all sent candidate presentations
    Overview of all sent candidate presentations
    View of a single candidate in the candidate presentation
    View of a single candidate in the candidate presentation


    Once you have found suitable candidates, it is important to present them to your customer as a precise match. You can generate both open and anonymised profiles and also have the option of generating a large number of different profile variants for a candidate. The output is converted into a bespoke layout at the push of a button. The costumers are integrated via a password-protected link providing them with access to a clearly structured profile book containing all relevant candidate information and documents. The customers also receive an integrated feedback function via the profile book in order to communicate quickly with the responsible consultant.

    • Simple profile creation directly from the database
    • Generation of open and anonymous candidate profiles
    • Multiple profiles for individual candidates for bespoke presentation
    • Candidate selection with feedback option via email to the customer
    • Display in different variants possible
    • Automatic tracking of profile access via dossier tracking


    Communication with clients and applicants via email, letter or SMS takes place via the system and is stored chronologically in the history. Predefined standard documents, such as confirmation of receipt, rejection or invitation, can be sent manually, automatically or as collective emails. Targeted mailing campaigns in the acquisition process are possible via the mass mailer or invitations within event management.

    • Communication via email, letter and text messages
    • Action lists for the management of mass emails or serial actions
    • Multiple follow-up system for managing tasks
    • Integration of an email inbox via IMAP possible
    • Integrated calendar function with reminders
    • Sending of appointments and tasks to external calendars (iCal)
    • Comprehensive contact history for companies, projects and applicants
    Listing of company-related resubmissions and Integration of the email client
    Listing of company-related resubmissions and Integration of the email client
    Reporting view
    Configuration of the reporting view in the dashboard
    Configuration of the reporting view in the dashboard


    As a basis for future business success, you can use the software to generate comprehensive statistics and analyses for further strategic planning. These can be generated either time-controlled, ad-hoc, or via predefined process steps and actions. Relevant reports (e.g. origin of candidates) can be integrated directly into the dashboard or made available as exports. There are both user-specific reports for measuring individual success and cross-company reports for measuring overall performance or comparing individual areas.

    • Comprehensive reports on contact histories and actions
    • Time-dependent analysis for measuring the process speed (e.g. time until hiring)
    • Qualitative and quantitative analyses
    • Individual queries can be set up and stored directly in the dashboard
    • Complete overview of all relevant content possible at user or admin level


    The system has a modular structure and can be extended at any time via add-on modules and functions. The following content could support you in your work:

    • CV parsing (in different variants) – automatic readout of CVs and structured transfer to the database
    • Multi-channelling – increased reach through diversification of job offers in around 100 free job exchanges
    • Integration of interfaces and quotas with fee-based job exchanges directly via the software
    • Client access (via login) – integration of customers into current projects
    • Supplier access – integration of other service providers or external researchers
    • Invoicing module – creation of invoices for completed projects directly via the system
    • Integrated calendar with reminder function – keep track of your appointments
    Automatic CV parsing
    Automatic CV parsing
    Overview of upcoming events in the calendar