hr4you digitale personalakte hcm

HR management software


  • Digital personnel record
  • Performance reviews and employee assessment
  • Skill and talent management
  • Seminar management
  • Onboarding
  • Employee self-service
  • Comprehensive reporting options
  • HR4YOU-HCM Dashboard
    HR4YOU-HCM Dashboard


    •  Digital – complete digitalisation of your business processes
    •  Unlimited – no limit on the number of managed applicants
    •  Responsive – from the HR department to employee self-service usable on any device
    •  Scalable – Our software grows with your requirements and adapts flexibly to your needs.
    •  Competent – We do not let you down but support you in configuring the system and optimising your processes.
    •  Safe – Stay on the safe side also with the new EU GDPR and rely on an ISO 27001 certified partner with development and hosting made in Germany


    • More than 10,000 human resources managers rely on us
    • 24/7 online support system
    • Certified Information Security Management System (ISMS) according to ISO 27001
    • Comprehensive training and webinar offering
    • EU GDPR compliance
    • Software in responsive design and as app for mobile use available


    The basis for HR4YOU-HCM is a clear master data management for all relevant employee data. All upcoming anniversaries, entries and departures can be stored at a glance in a higher-level dashboard. In addition to personal data, the individual employee’s entire employment relationships and salary data are stored with a change history. Mapping to department structures and hierarchies is also possible. All changes are stored traceable in the employee’s history. Using the employee list, various query criteria can be combined to create selections and lists at the touch of a button.

    • Dashboard with tasks, anniversaries, entries and departures
    • Employee list with flexible selection criteria
    • Comprehensive master data management
    • Salary data with salary development
    • Change history for all master data
    • Mapping of hierarchies and department allocations
    • Recording of employment relationships with career path
    Digital personnel record
    Digital personnel record
    Employee overview
    Employee overview
    Listing of an employee's documents
    Listing of an employee's documents
    View for uploading documents
    View for uploading documents


    In addition to the standard administration of data, HR4YOU-HCM provides you with integrated document management to generate employment contracts, statements, certificates and warning letters directly from the system. The templates for this can be flexibly extended. All documents are then stored and digitised in the digital file for the respective employee. The stored documents can be categorised and searched using full text recognition. Existing paper files can also be uploaded and digitised in the system. Quick access and convenient filing structures save time, space and paper. A system calendar can also be used to map holiday and absence management from holiday application to approval.

    • Categorisation of documents with searchability
    • Digitisation of existing personnel files possible
    • Certificate generator
    • Access for employees via the portal
    • Calendar for holiday planning and absence management
    • Integrated document management with contract creation


    Clear preparation and documentation of performance reviews and target agreements makes it easier to deploy and support employees according to their strengths. You use employee assessments to determine an employee’s current performance status and potential and plan his/her future development opportunities. Various questionnaires can be stored centrally in the tool and made available to the respective employee, his/her superior or the personnel officer as required. The result is stored with the respective employee.

    • Questionnaires and interview guidelines can be created flexibly
    • Create and document annual and end-of-probation interviews
    • Integration of specialist departments into the process possible
    • Scheduling and control of interviews via follow-up system
    • Interview history can be viewed by every employee
    • Clear evaluation of performance reviews
    Overview of performance reviews
    Overview of performance reviews
    View of an employee questionnaire
    View of an employee questionnaire


    • Identification and classification of talents
    • Skill management with matching functionality
    • Creation of talent pools and planning of the further development of high-potential employees
    • Link to recruiting for internal applications and appointments


    To avoid personnel bottlenecks, the recruited talents are supported and tied to the company. The competencies and skills of employees are recorded and transparently presented in an internal talent pool. High potential employees can be identified and grouped by skill matching (e.g. with the status “suitable for 3rd management level”). In conjunction with HR4YOU-TRM the stored criteria can then also be used for internal recruiting.


    Measures and training for vocational and further education as well as during the induction phase are presented in a structured and transparent manner via the seminar management. Training and qualification requirements are determined in employee interviews. The training plan stored centrally enables the personnel officer or the specialist department to book a qualification for the employee. The completed training courses are then documented in the employee data record. Regular instructions and time-limited certificates of expertise can be displayed early on the dashboard via the follow-up function so that no validity date is exceeded.



    • Planning and management of events, dates and measures
    • Storage of a seminar catalogue
    • Generation of participant lists and certificates
    • Creation of feedback forms for the evaluation of the seminars
    • Recurring training and instructions with expiry dates can be stored
    Employee entry checklist
    Employee entry checklist


    If a new employee is hired, many things usually have to be taken into account in the preparation.
    In addition to the provision of work equipment and the design of an induction plan, numerous documents and papers must be requested and obtained from the employee. In order not to forget any important points here, HR4YOU-HCM offers you the possibility to create flexible checklists, which can then be processed or ticked off during onboarding. The dashboard provides an overview of all incomplete checklists so that open tasks can be identified and completed directly.

    • Flexible checklists can be designed and stored in the system
    • Step-by-step processing of the checklists
    • The dashboard provides an overview of incomplete checklists or open items
    • Storage of work equipment to be issued
    • Design of an induction plan
    • Integration of technical supervisors possible in order to prepare an optimal start


    In human resources work, a constant overview of the number of employees and the personnel requirements is indispensable in order to be able to plan long term with as few personnel bottlenecks and shortages as possible. Strategic succession planning for promotion, job changes or retirement allows key positions to be filled without gaps and usually independently of an external search.

    • Overview of upcoming personnel changes
    • Identification of future bottlenecks
    • Preparation of internal replacements via skills and talent management
    Storage of relevant content for a permanent post
    Storage of relevant content for a permanent post
    Release of a permanent post
    View of own master data
    View of own master data
    Overview of the appointments in the team calendar
    Overview of the appointments in the team calendar


    As digitalisation progresses, companies often decide to grant their employees access to their own data via an employee self-service portal and even give them the option of initiating processes via the portal if necessary. From pure access to one’s own personnel file to the submission of requests, registration for training courses or the mapping of the internal application process, various functionalities can be integrated into the employee portal.

    • Access to personnel record
    • Submission of holiday applications
    • Submission of changes to HR master data
    • Training overview
    • Internal applications in connection with HR4YOU-TRM
    • Approval procedure for superiors
    • Configurable employee portal
    • Integration of employee surveys possible


    A comprehensive reporting tool is available for recording important key figures and employee overviews. The analyses can be generated time-controlled, ad-hoc or via defined process steps and actions. Relevant HR metrics can be created across departments or for individual departments or career levels.

    • Qualitative and quantitative analyses
    • Relevant personnel key figures at a glance (e.g. vacation and health statistics)
    • Analyses by organisational unit and career level
    • Overview of salary structure
    Reporting view
    Reporting view
    Configuration of the reporting view in the dashboard
    Configuration of the reporting view in the dashboard
    Analysis of applicant skills against the vacancy requirements
    Analysis of applicant skills against the vacancy requirements
    Editing and viewing the vacancy


    The personnel management tool initially maps the administration and development of existing employees. As a modular extension we offer you HR4YOU-TRM, a complete and powerful recruiting system which can be integrated into HR4YOU-HCM. The system supports you with a clear process from the creation of a new vacancy via the publication and distribution of job advertisements to the selection of the desired candidate by the specialist department.

    • Complete applicant management with HR4YOU-TRM
    • Creation and distribution of job advertisements
    • Integrated matching functions
    • Optimisation of the candidate experience
    • Various application options
    • Integration of specialist decision-makers
    • Deletion and anonymisation according to EU GDPR